Help with Job Creation

Ok, I’ve been messing around with job creation, and it doesn’t seem to be working right. I’m trying to make a bartending job, comparable in pay to the ‘other’ jobs the player starts with. I got it into the game after a few crashes and tweaks, but once my guy takes the job, it says his contract is up and he’s unemployed.

Here’s the job as it exists so far:

I don’t know if that’s how the effects work or not, but I thought I’d try it. I want the job to increase his people skills and alcoholism a little bit.

Can anyone give me some advice about where I’m going wrong?

You have done everything perfectly. Its my fault. There is a variable for duration, which should be set to -1 (forever) and I haven’t set that up for the modded jobs. I’ll patch this today (together with some other small bugs) and then it will be job mod time!

I tried to make a job just to see if it would work I couldnt even get it to show up in the game. is it suppose to be spaced are all ran together I tried it both ways neither worked, maybe I can try again after the next patch.

The way I made mine, I went to the directory ‘C:\Program Files\Kudos\userdir\kudos\mods\jobs’ and looked at the science job that I downloaded through the online updater, and tweaked it to suit my needs.
Also, poking around the files in ‘C:\Program Files\Kudos\data\simulation’ with a text editor can be very informative.

[size=75][Your directory may very][/size]

Nifty, just tried editing one of those CSV files, with happy results. I now have the option of ‘strolling’ to work. :slight_smile:
Added this line to ‘commute.csv’:
#,stroll,Stroll,“Why not take a leisurly stroll to work? Stop and smell the flowers along the way.”,when you strolled to work today.,MP3,commute_stroll.bmp,2,0,0.16,0,-0.05,0.12,0.02,0.01,0.00,

And copy this image to ‘C:\Program Files\Kudos\data\bitmaps’:

I emailed the people who make ‘segways’ and respectfully requested legal permission to sue the segway name and image in the game, as an ultra-cool way to get to work.
They didnt even reply.
Typical big company. ;(

I didn’t get that…
my mod file is in simulation, and I don’t have a job folder


if you have windows XP, this stuff is inside your MyDocuments\Kudos folder

I have put it in the mods/jobs directory but how do I get the game to reconize it.

it should do automatically

Hi, I finally got the formmating right, and I added your bartender job to the autoupdate with all the correct data, I hope thats ok? I credited it to JWolf. Next on my list is to add a proper job tutorial to the website.

Fine with me, thanks. :slight_smile: