Help With Module Modding!!

Ok, so I’m brand new to GSB. Bought it two days ago, and I wanna mod it… However, it seems like the first thing I wanted to do is rediculously difficult… How can I make missiles fire in a volley? I vaguely saw something about using the Bullet SIM, but could anyone please elaborate?

Hi Defkab and welcome to the modding forums.

First a quick pointer about the Missile code: The turret can only have one missile in flight at any time.
So you have a few options:
A) Don’t use the missile code (Use the bullet code and make them dumbfire missiles)
B) Increase the speed at which they travel.
C) Fake a volley of missiles using Decoys and Live Sub-munitions.

Option A involves editing a “bullet” turret and using a missile sprite as the bullet sprite.

The line of code you need to add to your “bullet” turret is:
bullet_texture =

Pros: You can get a ton of “missiles” on the screen at any time
Cons: Not a missile, so Point Defense / scramblers can not shoot them down.

Option B involves increasing the speed of the missile - its not really ideal since you still only get one missile at a time (It just travels really quickly)

Pros: You can fire more missiles per second
Cons: Might be too fast for the eye to see at 4x

Option C involves using Live Warheads on Decoys and making the missile “split” on launch.

So if you take the cruiser_missile_multiple.txt code
Add in this new line of code somewhere (below decoy release range is fine)
num_submunitions = 3
Note this number can be between 1 and 6

Change the decoy release range from 450 to 1160 (which matches the maximum range)
decoy_release_range = 1160

You end up with a turret that fires 4 missiles per volley

Pros: You can fire more missiles on screen per volley
Cons: You cant have a multi missile volley and your limited to a maximum of 7 missile per volley

In case your interested - it seems Option C is a common choice:

Wow, that was quick and helpful! Thanks. Considering these are dumbfire missiles, I think I’ll use option A.
I have a little experience modding Sins of a Solar Empire, so I just need to get the system specifics down, and I should be good. All except for the models… But hey, these are 2D models, they should be easy to learn, right?

forgive me putting my proverbial two cents in…but I encountered a similar problem with my Union mod.

I also wanted to make a rapid fire missile launcher…and discovered the same limitations. But, if you’ll hear me out, I found a pretty healthy balance that MAY be useful to you.

I basically shortened the range AND fuel numbers…fuel BTW keeps the missles (and plasma torpedos) flying on the screen sometimes well after they’ve missed their targets.

By lowering the fuel and range to ABOUT the same number (I used something in the mid 700’s for each) as well as increasing the speed a bit you reduce the amount of time the missile CAN be on the screen and thus have a missile launcher that can fire significantly faster.

finally…I also added multiple live warheads. And as long as you have 3-4 turret slots dedicated to this missile you’ll have a nice bombardment of missiles flying across the screen.