Help with Scripts


For example this:

CreateGrudge(Portuguese Demography,Portugal,Liberal_freq,-0.3,1,0);

Can someone explain what each parameter is, since I can’t find an explanation anywhere?

I put this in my mod and it doesn’t change liberal number at the begginning of the game, what am I doing wrong? :\


Okay, so let’s look at the parameters first:

Portuguese Demography = This is the name of the grudge that will be shown in-game, unless you put the second parameter to hidden
Portugal = This is the name by which the game will identify this script
Liberal_freq,-0.3 = This is the effect, which uses the same value names as any other spreadsheet, for example policies or situations
1,0 = This is the strenght of the effect / its decay. The way you set it means the grudge will always work its full effect and never decay

But, after trying it myself, I saw that it really didn’t work, because unfortunately, there is no such thing as ‘Liberal_freq’. Most votergroups use VOTERGROUP_freq to define their membership, but liberals don’t. For them, the value is _global_liberalism, with which it worked for me.

All my information comes from trial & error and, espacially, this page: … emmas.html

Hope that helped


This is true, liberals, socialists, conservatives and capitalists are affected by global liberalism and global socialism (at opposite ends of the spectrum). The rest have a freq value.