Help with Steam

Hey guys, I just got GSB through Steam and I’m loving it.

I’ve been trying to get a few mods into my game (The Legios and the Scavvenger ones) and I’m having trouble. I put the files in my GSB folder in my documents, but it doesn’t look like anything else is in there, and it won’t load in my game. It looks like in the Steam folder there are other files for it, but it is encoded or something. I’m just wondering if anyone else has this problem, or knows what to do, thanks.

The folder you’re meant to put your mods in etc is Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/Gratuitous Space Battles

All of the files in the SteamApps folder are .ncf files and I can’t put anything in them.

Try here:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\gratuitous space battles

Laaame. I tried both and still nothing, is there anything I need to do after I put them there? Thanks by the way.

What OS are you on and Where do you have Steam installed?

Vista, and C:/Program Files/Steam

Well if you’ve been playing it from steam, there should be a folder within your Steam install Folder called SteamApps, and in there should be a folder called Common and in that the GSB folder.

If not then do a search for GSB.exe

There is the SteamApps and the common folders, and in that, there is a GSB folder. I’ve been trying to put the files there but it won’t load into my game. I also tried that Generic Mod Enabler. I have a feeling it has to do with the .ncf files in the SteamApps folder.

No, NCF files are just the local content (i.e the packed up data) there for backup purposes etc.

I see what your problem is.

In the Legios_1_10 folder, there are two folders, installs and Legios.

Extract the Legion folder to your main GSB folder and extract the installs into GSB\Data and override the folder (it wont conflict with anything)

If you’ve done it right, the mod will load

Same probably applies to scavenger too.

Awesome thanks, finally got it.