im new to this and was wondering if someone could tell me where i need to put the codes for new activities and interests, i only have folders for jobs and avatars under my documents i dont seem to have a social_events.csv folder or anything like that unless i am looking in the wrong spot.

Yes, you’re looking in the wrong place.

:\Program Files\Kudos\data\simulation

is normally C

HTH :slight_smile:)

thanks i found what you were talking about but it wont let me save anything new its says its read only

right click the file, click properties, uncheck read only, click apply

The folder “simulation” is Read only but the files within are not. There shouldn’t be any probs editing and saving.

Or maybe you have Vista ?!?!?

To mod with Vista, i had to make a copy of the file i was editing into My Documents and rename the original file so i didn’t overwrite it when i put the edited file back into game folder. Unchecking the read-only didn’t work for me with Vista.

ok now i have another problem, i do have vista and i saved the file in mydocuments and then moved it into the simulation folder but now when i try to open the game i get a d3d engine error [setDisplaymide] and the game closes, im not sure if this happened because i changed the files because i hadnt opened the game before i changed it. does anyone know what this could be?

Which graphics card are you using and have you updated the drivers? Have you tried changing ColorDepth=32 to ColorDepth=16 in the config.muf file. Its in Kudos/Data/ and you can open it with notepad.

You may have to copy it to Documents again before you can edit it and then copy it back. Make sure to use the same filename.