Hi, I'm new

Hi I am new here and I played the demo of Kudos, and I want the base game. Is it sold in stores.

And does anyone here I The Sims 2?

Hello! Welcome to the site.

For the Kudos game, just check out the home site.

Hope you like it.

hello there…welcome

HI everyone. I’m Lolita. I was actually born in Mexico but have lived in the states since I was about 6. I have loved gaming ever since I cam over here. I started on Nintendo 64 and have played all the sytems up to date. Anyway, I have been checking the forums for a while and thought I would finally join. Nice to meet you guys! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, Lolita!

Should you decide to get involved with Gratuitous Space Battles, visit our modding community; we’re quite active in modding this great game.

hello everyone. I am james and this is my first post here. Nice to meet you all