Hidden Social Activities

I was checking on some of my character’s friends’ social interests and found a couple things that didn’t match up. For one thing, I clicked on one friend and under the interests tab was “ski-ing” and “baseball”. I know as a social activity a person can play soccer, golf, ice skating, paintball, and football. But what of those two sports? And I think I may have seen “politics” as well. I’m not sure on that one. Has anyone else seen “ski-ing” and “baseball” on some of the friend interest tabs?

I once went skiing, I guess it is only available at certain days.
I suspect people interested in baseball might want to watch it on TV, so try getting cable

Yea, after playing Kudos 2 for 23 game years, I finally saw the option to go skiing. It appeared a couple times when it was snowing pretty heavily in the background (just like in real life!). There are a couple other things I haven’t seen yet such as a social activity satisfying the interests of “history”, “travel”, or “literature”. Maybe there just aren’t any social activities pertaining to those…Oh well, it’s still a great game.


Just browsing around the Kudos 2 CSV files and in the “interests.csv” for skiing culture is listed as “HIGH”. I’m not sure what that means, but it may indicate that your friends will need to naturally have a high culture to even have the possibility of having this as an interest, or that you have to have a high culture.

The Social Events CSV shows that the prerequisites of skiing are “weather_snow,0.3”, “_energy,0.4”, which I believe means you must have at least 40% energy and 30% snow, but I’m not sure how the 30% snow is recorded/calculated.

After further looking into the files I’ve come to the conclusion that there are a bunch of interests that do not pertain to any social events, as such they would be only useful in helping friends become friends with other friends (:-D) by sharing those “blanket” interests. History, travel and literature seem to fall into this category.

Hope this helps!

Wayno, having a fine brown wine (ok, rum) after work

That does help, SomeGuyInABikini, thanks.