High Def GSB

Just a quick suggestion.

i think it would be a good idea to sell an expansion that enables higher graphics for gsb, in order to make it more Gratuitous.

I support this. Anything to increase the gratuitosity must be supported.

It could be called Gratuitious² Space Battles (yes, I’m serious).

you people should really look up the terms :smiley:

unfortunately i think this would need a tweak of the engine itself,quite a big one im afrad… still,would be nice to see some hi-tech eyecandy

I feel I need to inform you that i in fact do understand the meaning of the word!!

And furthermore the reason i wrote “to make it more gratuitous” was for two reasons: to emphasise that such an improvement would make GSB more than what it currently is, and of course to hint at the fact that it should be a freely incorporated into an upcoming patch. (though of course i understand such a gesture would most like never happen)

having said this i understand why you thought what you did, as it would seem i neglected to and the word “than” here is the corrected fragment :slight_smile:

“to make it more than gratuitous”

hahahaha ^^
it took me 5 minutes to propertly read your post,and 10 minutes to stop laughing :stuck_out_tongue:
yeah,i guess you have a point there… i just couldnt help myself

I like the idea.

Hes got a point ↑

but your gratuitous² gave me an idea…


3D GSB!!!

Also, he was being gratitous when he said that, withouot meaining.