High Growth-Low Emissions

141 degrees.
There must be divide by 0 error with other GHG emissions
Moving stuff related to renewables can cause stuff to display NAN temperature

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Their software is in beta, I think that your inputs would help them improve their models.

Kind of makes you wonder how Venus turned into the firescape it is today.

I spoke to them, they said that all the temp values are possible (I don’t know about your -2.5 or +17.6, but my 0.6 and 16.7 apparently are), I really don’t know how true that is, doesn’t seem physically possible on earth and given the time frame. I’ll converse with them more.

Or how about this, the cornucopian model, just do as you please! :slight_smile:

En-ROADS (climateinteractive.org)

Sorry, this time an even better Cornucopian model, this time with ±0.0 degrees celsius.

En-ROADS (climateinteractive.org)

Or Best, a bioenergy fueled cornucopia!


En-ROADS (climateinteractive.org)

They seem to have balanced that, it only reads somewhat above 40 degrees (Celsius) now.