"High Productivity" and "Patriot" opinion

Compared to other GDP strategies based more around foreign trade, investment and tourism, Patriots should be pleased, as Capitalists are, to see high domestic production.

  1. It isn’t hard to find patriots saying their country is great because it is so competitive that their products are dominating the global market (by export, obviously?)
  2. no reason to give another benefit for high GDP

It’s only hard to find that among English-speaking patriots, because none of their countries are so competitive that they are dominating the global markets by export.

You can, however, find the converse situation - you can find English-speaking patriots who are upset that all the stuff in their big box stores is Chinese.

This patriotic displeasure apparently focus-group tested well enough that a sort of nebulous concept of “taking back our jobs from the Chinese” became one of the most buoyant talking points of the Donald Trump campaigns.

In that context, “tariffs” were approached, more than actually trying to solve the issue of America’s uncompetitive economy by raising domestic productivity, because that is a politically simpler approach, and it is easy in that case to put a lot of icing on a very small, small cake.

So, it is not at all hard to find patriots who are upset about the opposite extreme of “High Productivity”, which is an uncompetitive economy highly reliant on foreign imports.

So, to expand on my suggestion, Patriots should be displeased at “Uncompetitive Economy”, and pleased at “High Productivity”. If high productivity were achieved, they would be seeing a lot of “Made In (Local Country)” on their local products, and little flags would wave in their little hearts.

I think that you can find this sentiment among Chinese patriots.

Tarrifs should then boost automation, because when companies brought back production, they automated it. This should probably scale with the technological capacity of the nation.

Uncompetitive Economy - Patriot approval loss sounds legit but I’m still not convinced whether high productivity should lead to patriot approval boost. You can’t even be sure that high productivity will lead to more Made in (country_name) goods in the first place.

Why not? Otherwise how else would we be highly productive?

Being productive doesn’t mean you are efficient in production of all of the goods you consume. It’s just being very efficient at producing specific products in most real world cases. Even if you have an absolute advantage over all the other countries, you will still prefer importing some according to Comparative Advantage. It’s economics 101.

+regarding tariff-to-automation, I think less unemployment from tariffs will push wages higher, resulting more automation in the end. but it could be weaker than I assume so might need additional link there?

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Still, I think in-game it means all goods and services and not some. As all wages are boosted by it, it implies economy-wide productivity increase.

We can say that we’re making our country great again.

all goods and services (that are produced in the country)

About automation, yeah maybe your right. Although I don’t know what those additional links are.

Yes, I’m aware of that, but if we scale patriot positive opinion with High GDP and low trade (with HP in mind), it’ll imply more local production, which they’ll like. We don’t have to make them 100% happier, just 0-20% more.

High GDP → happier Patriots might make sense but I don’t think high international trade should (relatively) undermine patriot approval. Global market dominance by more exports definitely works as a nationalism propaganda.

+you should be aware that 20% approval is huge in this game…

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No prob. I was just giving it a range of possible outcomes, 0-20 can include 0-10.

Make it 0-10%, it was just an example.