High Religiosity/Conservatism Leads To Scandal Event

Like with high liberalism, high conservatism/religious should lead to their own scam. Holy Men (babas) found to embezzle money, give dangerous remedies, sexual abuse of women and girls, etc.

Asaram, Ram Rahim, Rampal: The 14 fake babas put on boycott list | Latest News India - Hindustan Times

I agree.

  • The religious persecution executing a black priest because for some reason some policies increase racism.
  • Perhaps muslims getting annoyed at women from other religious that they’re not wearing the black fully-covers?
  • Outrage regarding modern religious views vs views from the bible.
  • Conservatory view against internet and they would point out that it causes depression, angstiness, internet crime (video game piracy/taxes being avoided with internet/cyberbullying/IP-changing criminals) and anymore negative aspects.
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