High Travel Link To Accidents?

High Rail, Car, Air, Bus, etc. use should lead to crash events which can be mitigated by regulations/high-reliability organizations?

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This game needs to acknowledge that car crashes here can happen all the time and is a serious problem!

What policies you suggest?

  • Insurance policy (USA has this, I’m not sure what it does besides replacing your car and taking away your money)
  • Driver’s license with minimum age
  • More traffic police?
  • Desperate Measures: Cars that verify your alcohol levels and doesn’t start if it reaches the limit.
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These are all good ideas! I wonder what Cliff would think of HROs?

High reliability organization?

Sounds like a great idea but what do they do specifically?

They essentially are very strict, extremely meritocratic, complex and self-correcting organizations, usually working in highly sensitive industries like the air industry and the nuclear power industry. But they could theoretically be used anywhere, you can check them out on Wikipedia.

They’re basically the error correcting mechanisms for very complex systems, specifically to prevent rare but highly costly and disastrous events from happening.

Ohhh, this explains who have such an intensive care against plane crashes

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Yep, they’re basically the reason why air crashes have dropped so much over the past 70 years (pun intended).

Example: the NTSB, the FAA, the airline industry itself incorporating the methods of such organizations.

Won’t see BOEINGS boing off the ground

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That’s hilarious! :rofl:

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