[HISCORES] Keeping track of personnal hiscores

I would want to know for each scenario, the best score that I made with each race.

Improving myself is one of my goals while playing to GSB, and it is harder if I can’t remember what was my hi-score for each scenario (and each level of difficulty)

I’m using excell to do that but I think it would be easy to add it in the game… And that I won’t be the only one to like it.

(and it would be even better to be able to choose if you want to keep track of your score at the end of the battle : sometimes, while using modded equipment, i don’t want to keep track of my score)


This is a great idea :smiley:

There could be a new button for each scenario where it shows a table listing all the installed races and their respective hi-scores for each difficulty. Apart of showing your best honor it could also show the percentatge of remaining fleet you got with that honor and the time the battle lasted (then these two stats could be improved if you use the same honor in a new battle, giving priority to one of them).

For survivals just having the destruction each race caused and the time it survived would be enough for me :smiley: (well also the fleet cost for that score could also be added).