Hit % Glitch on custom ship design

So I have a bit of a quandary. I made this ship when I was first starting out and have found that I somehow and getting very interesting numbers. I think I have had another play try and recreate this ship exactly and they were unable to recreate the problem. I have also been unable to get another ship to create the same numbers so it may be a total fluke that keeps repeating itself, but I figured I would give you a bit of something to think over.

I have a Federation Eagle Cruiser that gets some very interesting stats. The ship is designed with the following modules-
(Listed from top to bottom, left to right as applicable)

Multiple Warhead Missile
Multiple Warhead Missile
Multiple Warhead Missile
Multiple Warhead Missile
Multiple Warhead Missile
Powered Armour
Crew Module 2
Power Generator 3
Powered Armour
Multiple Warhead Missile
Reflective Shield
Multiple Warhead Missile
Cruiser Armour 2
Shield Generator 2
Cruiser Armour 2
Cruiser Engine 3
Target Booster 2
Cruiser Engine 3

Image of ship design- Just a link due to size of the image

The issue that is coming up is that I am getting shot hit% of over 100%… which technically shouldn’t be possible. Thus the interest. Usually the ship will cap out at around 200% shots hit, as show in the image below.

Image of in game battle stats-

So there you are. I look forward to seeing what the response to this is. Honestly, I find it more amusing than anything. Maybe the gun crews are just that talented, but 28 shots hitting 62 times(?) that’s just impressive.

Only answers I can think of-

  1. My missiles are so powerful they blast through one ship and hit another.
  2. Shrapnel from the target is flying into other ships and the gun crews are just fighting for numbers.
  3. My stats team is drunk and seeing double.

Thanks guys! Happy Hunting!

P.S. For those wanting the text file of the ship. Here it is.

name = siege
guiname = Siege
hull = Federation Eagle Cruiser hull

0 = cruiser missile multiple,
1 = cruiser missile multiple,
2 = cruiser missile multiple,
3 = cruiser shield reflective,
4 = cruiser missile multiple,
5 = cruiser crew II,
6 = cruiser power III,
7 = cruiser missile multiple,
8 = cruiser missile multiple,
9 = cruiser missile multiple,
10 = cruiser powered armor,
11 = cruiser powered armor,
12 = cruiser_engine III,
13 = cruiser_engine III,
14 = cruiser shield II,
15 = cruiser_armour II,
16 = cruiser_armour II,
17 = cruiser_targetboosterII,

Multiple Warheads Missiles so you …

shoot one missile(number one) then the decoys release ( 5 decoys) —> 3 of them hit and made damage so you should have 300% accuracy because you shoot once and you hit the the target three times…

I wouldn’t have imagined them counting like that but yeah, I am getting similar readings on other ships. I guess I had it in my mind that this was only happening with this one ship design, but I tested it on others and it’s holding true. So thanks and good catch.

And for anyone who reads this, yes I feel like an idiot. I like my drunk stats keepers better though!


Yup, sounds like my stats aren’t clever enough to take that into account :frowning: