Homefield Advantage

I’ve only posted two challenges so far. In both of them, I’ve tried fighting my own challenge with an identical fleet deployment. In the “green” vs “red” contest of identical fleets, the green side has won consistently. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone know why?

well, considering the fact that Green is defined as the side who is currently in the lead, it should not be too surprising.

The question is: does the left or right side win consistently?

Very funny. :slight_smile:
No, I meant the side where the ships are colored green when color overlays are toggled on.

Ahh… that’s true. Then you have a case.

I will pay attention to that myself in the future.

Are you absolutely certain that the lineups are identical? If so, is the margin of victory large?

I use the same saved deployment for both sides so they are identical. The margins of victory were small. I tried today with a very different challenge. The green side didn’t have a particular advantage today. Anomaly? Something about those particular challenges? A minor change in the game code? I’m not sure. Could you try some of your challenges with identical fleets and see what happens?

Ive done hundreds of fights against identical ships to verify this, in the past. Its not true. They split is even, i believe it was 5% off a 50/50 split, which isnt significant.

There is absolutely no difference in the code between player owned and AI owned ships, they both behve exactly the same, with exactly the same stats.
The only thing difficulty levels in singleplayer battles change is the amount of cash available to the AI fleet.

actually, for me, it’s the opposite – with the exact same deployment on the exact same challenge, fleet on the right ALWAYS wins. no exception. if i change one tiny order though, the outcome is completely random. anyone ELSE notice this? :S

Would there be some slight tilt with respect to what order the ships are put in on or are allied/enemy moves execute during different stages?

nope, because ships are randomly distributed into process groups anyway, from both sides at once. its not like one sides ships get processed before another, its all inter-leaved.

Might be the random number generator. Most of the ones out there are rubbish, although it takes a patient soul to ever really notice the difference. The difference is magnified when used for AI decision making, but even there it takes a long time to prove and the delta is usually below human notice.

On Mac / Linux, we can just open the file /dev/urandom and read Yarrow algorithm generated bits to our hearts content. Poor Windows developers, stuck with the inferior operating system. :smiley: