Homeworld united fleet [mod wip]

Its time to the homeworld universe to invade the GSB one!

Better than word (and because I haven’t a perfect English ^^): pictures

Time for battle! First mission with 9 assault frigate, 3 defence frigate, 4 Ion cannon frigate and 34 interceptor.

I think they didn’t like the ion beam hit! (~90 dmg/hit)

Fire! (I’ve already done the hull damage of 6 of the 9 design)

Kaboom? (And the hulk of them)

So, time to end this!

The ship included in the mod are:

Blade Mk. 5 Class Heavy Interceptor (Anti-fighter)
Hammer Class Heavy Corvette (Anti-fighter/frigate but at a higher cost (less good against fighter too))
Kaark Class Attack Bomber (Anti-frigate/cruiser)

Kudaark Class Assault Frigate (Multi task frigate)
Sajuuk Cor Class Ion Beam Frigate (Anti-cruiser (and slow frigate))
Tiifal Class Defense Field Frigate (Anti-missile frigate (+tractor beam))

Avatar Class Heavy Cruiser (Anti-cruiser (and slow frigate))
Imperator Class Carrier (Carrier (Anti-fighter))
Skaal Fa Class Missile Destroyer (Anti-frigate/cruiser at long range but less HP and DPS)

The actual design can’t be modified and use approximately the same weapons as in the original game.

I’ll upload it when I’ve finish the last hull damage, the last hulk and the addition of the drone frigate (For real frigate anti fighter capacity)

C&C !


goes to play homeworld 2 complex

i wish there was a way to change the color scheme on those ships as we all want them our way :stuck_out_tongue:
for example im firmly convinced that all ships look 100x better with black&red color scheme :smiley:


I’ll definitely be downloading this one! I just wish the game engine supported firing arcs though.

1)No, it isn’t possible.
2)The Team colour in black isn’t possible in homeworld 1, the best a can have is grey and red. But my wish with this scheme of colour is to give to the race his colour (Empire:Grey, Alliance: Yellow?,Federation: blue… Homeworld: Purple)

No it don’t support it.

Puppeteer Class Drone Frigate done!

(4 hulk and damage to go…)


Heh, I was working on the side a Homeworld 2 mod. But I’m not too sure my ships will turn out as good as yours.

You say that the ship designs can not be changed. Is that the weapons on the ship themselves unable to be changed. As i do not know how that is possible as i would like to have all my ships for my eve mod have a un-removable carrier-bay.

yeah i know GATC, but im not complaining :stuck_out_tongue:
i love homeworld since day 1,all of its parts and a lot of the mods that were made for both 1 and 2,alltho i mostly play HW2 now

ill be waiting for this one to come out anxiously,thumbs up man

as for you Lonestar,you go work on the EVE mod cracks whip :smiley:
after you`re both done you can team up and start working on HW2 mod ^^

OW stop it Master that hurts!
*sneaks off to work on the evemod more. *

Finally Released

megaupload.com/?d=HGEZE100[/size] Old file!
It is a beta (Not so well equilibrated, two or three things missing…)
What do you think?

(Simply put unzip and put the folder in your GSB directory)

Overall, I really like it. The workaround of making the drones into turrets that are placed around the drone frigate is absolutely brilliant. The missile destoryers are also balanced very well for GSB. It would look nicer if they could keep firing like homeworld, but unfortunately GSB only lets each launcher have one missile active at a time, regardless of firing rate.

My only complaint is the extremely long duration of the ion beams. In Homeworld they only sustained fire for maybe 2-3 seconds per shot due to overheating issues. In your mod they fire for 6.5 seconds per shot. I would suggest lowering their beam_duration to 2500, lowering the fire_interval to 5200, and lowering their damage to 114 so that they would still be doing the same amount of damage over time but would have more of a homeworld fire duration.

I didn’t even know that you could include predesigned hulls in mods. I should have figured this out from looking at how Cliff did the tutorial hull designs…a big “duh” on my part. This makes my Beastslayers mod (Homeworld Cataclysm Kiith Somtaaw) so much more of a reality. Right now it is a very early WIP and would come along faster if I could just stop playing Dungeons and Dragons Online so much…lol.

mistake post

If you make a mod and you use downloaded content please place a warning about such stuff!

I downloaded and tryed to play it and it s l o w e d down my pc as it kept trying to find stuff that was not there as i DO NOT have ANY DLC

steps off soap box and shuffles off to adjust the mod to use non-DLC stuffs

EDIT: I have redone the mod to be playable by non DLC’ers like myself I just added sounds that i liked to a new folder under the tribes\bla\bla\bla folder and renamed them into the ones that are in the files, edited the hulls for the federation drives, and then i took the federation turrets and tossed that into the homework race file and poof done.

Very very good mod, and I might move into the second part of my mod were the ships are more like the ones in this mod. They are there but you are UNABLE to replace with non-race mods.

Want to try a challange with Homeworld ships? make sure you have it downloaded and look for challange #4618371

Second release!
Change log:
Redone the missile cruiser weapons
Adjust Ion cannon dps
“Equilibrate” THE X
Can you find the intruder in the MIDDLE of the fleet?

Yes it was incorporated!

Delete the old “homeworld_uf” file first if you have it!

Any other links for this mod?

Well if you check the post dates you’ll see it was last updated over 2 years ago. I hope that answers the question.

I’m sure good ol’ moderator Archduke Astro may elaborate.

if you look in GATC’s sig he says he lost this mod with his old computer, so if one of you have it you should be nice and offer a copy back to him so he can continue development

I should remind people that any mods that do NOT use any copyrighted images or brand names, can be happily backed up and hosted by me on the positech server. Just email me if you need that.

I know that, just that mega upload is gone bye bye, sorry if I annoyed.


(Sometimes, short answer = good answer ^^)

Sorry >.< Did not read the sig, I think i’ll go back into lurking mod and refrain from posting. I’m not helping the forums lol >.<