Homing Lasers!

What about lasers that act kind of like rockets?
When they’re launched they curve outwards before turning in towards the enemy.

i dont think the GSB engine can do that,alltho it would be insanely cool to see dozens of lightning bolts arcing like that while melting some enemy ship :stuck_out_tongue:

So long as it was specific lasers that did this and not EVERY laser, yeah, that would be cool.
I love ideas that are proposed just to improve the look and feel of the battle scenes.

Not every laser, and I certaintly don’t want it to be gamebreaking…but just a laser that curves out, curves in towards target, then speeds up and tries slamming into it. I don’t want them to be beams either…

This looks a lot like what I was thinking about.

I want them to be a slower firing rate, but you get the idea.

Three cheers for creativity. It would look great, but homing light beams?

It would kill the physics model for me - curving light? Light travels in straight lines.

But charged particles need not.
Easily manipulated magnetic forces can be used to curve particle beams.

@Ramcat - it is posible to bend light according to the current knowledge level of physics :slight_smile:
Use enough gravity and you can change the path of the photons. For example - Its one of the methods they use to detect distant planets and how large it is (gravity lensing or something).

Sooo . . maybe homing lasers use a combination of Photon and Graviton emitters to guide the beam to the target ??

Anyways, i would like to see homing lasers, but maybe only for a race as their unique weapon. (ie swarm have the converging beams)

Does anyone know if missiles could be modded to look like small laser blasts?

I’m all fine with beams that somehow bend, but please don’t call it lasers. Sure light can blend thanks to gravitational lensing (actually light doesn’t bend, space-time does, light still travels in a straight line through it), but how do you CREATE gravity at the desired location so that the beam hits its target? Call it whatever you want, but please, not lasers.

While it has all the looks of a homing energy weapon, this method is not 100% perfect . . .
I will keep working on it, given time I might be able to come up with something better. . .

Not much better

Otti… out of curiosity,what game is on that 2nd screenshot?

I have noooo idea…
I just used google to find it. Lemme see if I can…

Oh! It’s from another Indie developer. It’s called Inferno.
digitalquarters.blogspot.com/201 … ferno.html

How about Photon Cells? Light Bombs? Energy Cells? Something along those lines.

That looks rather cool!