honor unlocked module still locked invisible

Got full game 1.59 version (running on Win7 -64 home premium)

I unlocked nuclear missiles but they are not visible in ship design…
Yes, it’s a cruiser weapon, and it doesn’t appear in cruiser building.
What gives?

Best regards /Paxmax

Nuclear Missiles are only available to the Order Cruisers.

Are you sure your using the Order?


Oooh…? only order huh… who would have thunk it. Maybe that is covered in the manual? …but who reads the manual?

Nooo… I haven’t unlocked any Order ships yet. I’m making great progress with the ships I have.

Unrealted question: Are there any “leader boards” for assessing whether I’m doing good on the missions?
I.E. gaining close to maximum honor points per challenge?

With the exception of the never ending battles that have scores posted online I don’t think there is anything official.
To see how you are doing your best bet is to go toe to toe with some humans.
Treat the challenges as training missions.
There have been some tournaments and ladder challenges those can be viewed in the tournament forum