Honor = zero always ?

Ive done all the battles on all three levels and still have modules that are not unlocked but when I go back to the battle screen and try the battles again with less ships, the honor ( top right corner ) says for instance 2000 with a little padlock symbol , yet when I win the battle I get zero honor.

Have I acquired all the honor possible ? and if so how do I unlock the remaining modules ?

great game, love the close-up explosions, fantastic.

When you complete a mission that you’ve done before, you only earn the additional honour over your previous best on that mission.

On the mission selection screen, if you mouse over the difficulty markers that show if you’ve completed that difficulty, you’ll get some pop up tooltip text telling you your best score so far on that difficulty. Beat the mission with more than that amount, to earn more honour.

The most honour I’ve got so far from one mission, is 60,647 from Defend Caspian IV. Match that and I expect you’ll have enough to unlock the remaining stuff :wink:

if you use up all the money on your fleet you get 0 honour

the less money you use to more honour, the honour system is federation based, capitalist pigs.

soooooo you need cheaper ships or less of them than you used before, personally on an other computer on wich I had installed GSB via steam I was able to unlock everything whitin 5 battles ( all dificulties) whit ships I had just made but before that I had trouble unlocking things too on the comp iam on now ( of course after figuring it out it was easy to unlock the rest), you just need to get the hang of things and learn to make cost effective ships, good luck :smiley:

thanks dog, completely didnt know that bit of vital info. :slight_smile: