Honour points

HI all, I’m a newbie to this game. What’s bugging me is the honour points system. I’ve read the bit, in the manual, where you can’t re-fight a battle with a smaller fleet to get more honour points - fair enuff, sort of.

But, I start a battle, see how many “honour points” are at stake, win the battle, and have zero “honour points”!!! Also, there are times, when I have enough “honour points” to unlock a module etc, but, it doesn’t have an unlock highlight.

As a newbie, I only have a small number of available battle options. so, how can I obtain more “honour points” from these few battles - what am I not understanding?

Another point. I’ve searched through the forum/s to see if above questions have already been asked, can’t see any - but, I did notice a forum on “patches”, which I take have been incorporated in the game that I purchased - but, where does one download these patches/mods from?

Looking forward to your replies - thanks.

the latest game is 1.30, and new copies from here are ready patched. an auto-patcher kicks in if you have entered the online serial code.
regarding the honor:

The honor you have earned in total for every battle at difficulty X on map Y is equal to the highest honor you have earned.
In other words:

You play mission A on medium and earn 340 hoor. Your total honor is now 340
You play mission A on hard and earn 120 honor Your total honor is now 460
You play mission A on hard again and earn 100 honor, but you have already beaten that, so you earn nothing. Your total honor is still 460
You play mission A on hard again (with a smaller fleet) and this time earn 180 honor. Thats 60 more than your best, so you earn 60 more and your total honor is now 520.

If you want to know what your ‘previous best’ for a mission is, hover your mouse over the difficulty icons on the choose mission screen, for the selected mission.

The game doesn’t expalin this well enough. Improving the tooltips and tutorial for this is something I should get done…one day…

Thanks for the prompt reply and info.