[Hotfixed 1.16][Bug 1.16] Slots only working when details window is open



Since the latest patch the slots in my production line will only produce while I have its details window open.

Im playing in a new savegame for this patch with an edited start with 90 000 k$
If you need savegame files or anything, just tell me. :slight_smile:


I can also confirm this same behavior.


I confirm this as well, started a new game with a provided start,

the timing is all off, and loans are still showing 0.00


I too can confirm this … glad I’m not the only one … I thought I was going crazy.


Sorry about this! Working on it now!


^ This is what I was screaming about earlier.


Ok, I have hotfixed this. Its still 1.16 but if you grab the installer again, its fixed (and the music has changed slightly too). Sorry about this, was trying to fix a relatively minor bug concerning pausing the game and it had bad side effects I didn’t notice!


Just to confirm, this is now working properly, cheers for the fast response Cliff.


This is awesome.
Best Dev Ever…




If every developer were that good I would support a lot of alpha games. Keep on the great work!