Hotmail email address not working for forum registrations?

Hotmail email address not working for forum registrations?

I Tried with my hotmail address, and while the registration process said it was sending the activation email, it did not appear. On selecting “resend activation” and entering the username and email address again (tried twice), I once again got the message of “done” but still no email. Not in the inbox or in the spam folder.

I register a second account with a different email address and it works first go (most details the same except username and email address). That worked in under 10 seconds.

A search of the forums did not seem to show this as being a reported issue.

I’m having the exact same problem and ended up using the same workaround.

I think that if you love “positech community”, you can create a single Google account. Its not about this one game forum; most of the web forums online do not accept Hotmail accounts for user registration. Is there any problem with phpBB script…

Everybody has at least one Gmail account so I guess it is not a big deal for anybody to use it. As per my knowledge all most all forums do not support hotmail id. So use gmail account buddy. Not a big deal.

Once again great thanks for defining this topic in such a way, revelation.