House mod

#,NORMAL,houseparty,House Party,Have a night in ... with some friends,bar,SOCFLAG_HOMEBASED,data/sounds/wine.ogg,"_random,1.0","I'm throwing a party at my place. Bring along a bottle .. or three !",50,1,-1,-1,0,0,0,0,1,1,0,4,-1,#,"wine,1.0","beer,1.0","alcohol,0.5","conversation,0.3",#,"stress,-0.2,0.5","health,-0.02,0.8","boredom,-0.25,0.5","alcohol,0.4,0.7",#,"_energy,0.2",,

Seems to work OK altho I can’t check the sound coz there’s a major fault with my sound system ( alright, my fault, I threw the power lead away by mistake :blush: )

For “noun” I’ve put in bar coz I don’t know all the nouns that could be used ! :unamused:

I copied this mods code into my social events file and saved it. The game didn’t crash but it’s not showing up.

Does the game still work with all the other social events? is this the only one that does not show up? It does have a minimum level of energy, so make sure your character is not too tired to select it.

That was the issue, it showed up and worked when my stress and tiredness levels were at zero, thanks!