How about adding this

I was thinking of adding a new option to the game (in a patch). Basically I would be changing ‘tiredness’ into ‘stress’, which more accurately describes it anyway, and I would have a new daily option for the band to ‘schmooze’ with people in a nightclub when they weren’t busy.

In other words, the band all go out and get drunk :smiley: This would be more expensive than just doing nothing (so not an option right at the start), but it would possibly reduce stress/tiredness a bit faster, and if you had some socialisers or charismatic band members, the shcmoozing could increase your hype (by chatting to people in the bar and getting the name of your band spread around).

I’m also thinking about taking the indicator for musical ability of the band away from the main screen, and replacing it with an indicator for the band’s collective stress/tiredness instead, as it seems to be a more important statistic.

What do you think? I’m ‘too close’ to the code to be impartial about any of it.

(I completely concur with you here)

changing ‘tiredness’ into ‘stress’

from what I’ve learned, bands don’t get tired; good call

new daily option for the band to ‘schmooze’… when they weren’t busy.
the band all go out and get drunk

That’s the way a ‘real’ band operates and I wondered why it wasn’t included :slight_smile: (this is what we do whether ‘busy’ or not. The bar is a place to either drink or round up fans and the two are not mutually exclusive)

Also, (this might be something I can add myself but for everyone else you’d hafta add it) in the ‘store’ you can (‘should be able to’) buy a 12-pack to bring to practice whereby you can increase your ‘chemistry’ ("a band that drinks together… ") Still drink or get drunk but costs not as much as the bar.

could increase your hype
the bar is pretty much our only advertising route. I’m sure we have a ‘following’ of about 30 people most of whom can usually be found in the bar:

(also could increase ‘fame’… a little bit? depending upon how successful the promotional efforts were? Really, yes; seeing your name on someone else’s shirt is true success but local people in a local bar knowing about a local band is ‘fame’ too, in most anybody’s book.)

Yes, just playing through the demo once I thought it would be nice to see the ‘collective stress’ on the main screen (alas, it would still be good to know the ‘musicianship’ as well… anything that contributes to the overall success of a show; I haven’t changed anything yet. I’m downloading the full version from bmtmicro right now.

If you introduce drunkenness (?) into the game, you’ll need to increase it to 10 years cos it takes all damn week to sober up :exclamation: :exclamation: :smiley: 8)

thanks for the feedback, I think I’m going top go ahead with this.

Here’s another idea, there could be different ‘shmooze’ venues, like for gigs which increase in costs but increase hype (with the later ones being limited by fame) for example when you start out you’re limited to sleazy bars and students unions but go on to movie premiers VIP nights and exclusive bars etc.

Yes, I definitely like the idea and the notion of having different levels of schmooze appeals to me as well. When you first start out you might be lucky to go to the corner bar and meet average joes after work, but when you hit the high levels, you would be celebs hitting the Hollywood scene on the red carpet at awards shows.