How About Gratuitous Ground Battles?

I know there is a mod out there with tanks and such but wouldn’t it be super cool to have Gratuitous Ground Battles to accompany GSB? Essentially, a new module called the Assault Transport Hold to load X number of Honor Points to carry your Gratuitous Ground Forces to pound the daylights out of the enemy alien swine. Think of the possibilities in designing your own tanks, artillery, ground attack aerofighters, Shock Troops, etc, etc. I wonder if that would be possible. Might even be a way to take advantage of special planetary terrain. The asteroids in rockwall nebula scenarios do slow ships down, maybe something similar. Battles would be gratuitously cool looking with huge bomb craters and explosions. Maybe a future project? That would require fleet composition to require consideration of Troop transports and their protection.

With tanks similar to Steve Jackson’s Ogre, or like the big mobile base, ‘Tian-lei’, in Front Mission 3

I personally prefered GEV to Ogre - and loved the original box-sets of Car Wars. That was SO long ago.

But yeah - GSB ground battles could be fun. Might be hard to implement though.

Anyhow let Cliffski finish up the campaign before we bombard him with more requests…


there are some mods out that use planes, and there was someone working on a sea battles game, but I think that folded under and stalled. Even Myself have made a airplane based concept race and might expand more on it once i get done with Evelancer (eve-online total conversion mod for freelancer) and the Eve-online mod for GSB.

for freelancer?
omg now im so glad that i didnt delete the game image from my harddisk…
LINKY! :slight_smile:

LOL yea keep it on there, and the mod is not even released yet still working on it. Pm me once a week for updates. And i said ONCE a week now.

you just got yourself one free PMbox spammer :smiley:

OGRE and GEV brings back a few memories from the old metagaming days…remember RIVETS? That was a pretty cool game where you had to “program” your units before battle. Helltank was another decent tactical level futuristic Air/Land/Sea game. Task Force Games was supposed to release a ground version of Starfire (Ground Fire I think) way back in the 80’s to supplement StarFire and give a purose to those Freighters besides running munitions to fleets.

CLIFFSKI: This game has so much potential, but I am sure you see that already. Do you remember Breach and Rules of Engagement that interlocked between starship combat and boarding actions. It would be cool to see more of the GSB universe added on as time passes to include troops and troop transports. First is First though, finish the Campaign cause I got some money burning a hole in my pocket…then think about the next step for GSB, it’s your baby. Awesome work.

I’m pretty sure Supreme Commander 2 covers this more that any other game can dream to accomplish, including Starcraft 2 which is much inferior in terms of graphics, animations , scope and gameplay to Supreme Commander 2.

got facts 2 back that up?

Starcraft 2, speaking as someone who got a Beta Key and is now playing off a guest pass, has reasonable graphics and pretty good animations.

Scope and gameplay? Not so much.

WTH? The animations in Starcraft 2 are horrible.
For example, every single land unit/vehicle in Tiberium Wars has fluid real movement, none of this Starcarft 2 twitchy arcadey bullshit of siege tanks, hellions and others that fu*cks the whole game up to feel like retarded cartoony garbage where units have no weight or any impactful feel to them, everything just feels like flimsy toys…they managed to do this even to Thor.

Another example when I see those huge air units like Protoss Carriers or Terran Battlecruisers, how they have no weight to them, how they have no apparent visual mechanic of hovering, how they move about in different directions so jerkily and compare all that to every single comparable air unit in Supreme Commander 2, you will see how much of Starcraft 2 is primitive garbage compared to Supreme commander 2 or Dawn of War 2.

Not to mention the whole claustrophobic arcadey, twitchy feeling of Starcraft 2 and lack of multitude of gameplay options.

i do massively prefer Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance above SupCom 2 (or even SC2,dont even consider that a proper sequel)
much of the complex system that i loved for SupCom was ripped out in its sequel and now it seems like “Command & Conquer 10” to me… its still a good game but its not SupCom anymore to me,all the features that made it a very unique strategy (like the resource system for example) are gone
at the best i can consider it “innovative” now,but even that seems like an insult since all the ideas already appeared in the original SupCom

try playing the very first game,Total Annihilation,or rather its free “modernization”, Spring, and you will see where all the great stuff came from

Ground battles typically imply terrain, which can create problems that are orders of magnitude more difficult for figuring out pathing/gunnery. I’m afraid the transition from a GSB setup would be a significant hardship.

Also, Supcom 2 certainly felt like a betrayal to us old, old TA geezers.

I’d go so far as to say that ground battles in GSB style wouldn’t even be very much fun to watch. It’s just the wrong kind of engine. Edit: fleshing this out more. You could have either small-scale combat with infantry and the occasional vehicle, but all of the fun there would come from watching fire and movement and small unit tactics, and an orders system like GSB isn’t particularly well-suited to that. Alternately you could have a grand scale game, but there are plenty of other games I could play if I wanted to watch glorified unit counters moving around. I think there is potential, though, for some sort of zeppelins and biplanes diesel punk setting.

Also, Supcom 2 certainly felt like a betrayal to us relatively young Supcom and SC:FA folks, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it could work, only a bit of the AI would have to be changed to allow units to move backwards… not sure how to do it though, thats why im just going with Airplanes and Statics

and Coax weapons would be awesome (as well as ones that have a Firing arc)

I really liked SC2 because it changed the formula from “gigantic maps with a ton of resource micro to keep your resources running over 2+ hours” to “tons of different tactics, fast gameplay, and awesome units clashing”. And this from a guy who loved SC and FA!

9 billion Koreans can’t be wrong!

dam i hate all these Abreviations, SC Used to Be Starcraft…, Now It can also be Supcom, Dam i Hate Some parts of modern life

by SC i think everyone here means StarCraft :stuck_out_tongue: