How about...

Love the game as it is, yeah, but how about the following:

Optional captain-slots for ships - bonuses for Captain “Eagle-Eyes” Mohican - an anti fighter genius; or penalites (and reduced costs) for Captain KreeCree*Klack who - rumour has it - only got her posting becasue he was 7,555,239,004th daughter of the current Alliance Queen.

*A static thumbnail picture to acompany the radio chatter/messages - would help personalise the game a little!

*Asteroids! - duck, dodge, dive, dip and dodge.

*Making the explosions a bit more gratuitous. Admittedly, this is a taste thing- (a balance between fire and smoke) but I think at the moment they’re a bit too Kerrr-Blam… I reckon when a cruiser bites the big one the graphics should scream KeerrrrKeeeerrrKeeeerrrrBAAAM!!! BOOOMMM!!! BAM!!! CRACK.


Hrm… the battle commander option does seem like a nice addition, maybe when he decides to do that, I will make some of my own.

And for the explosions, I have my sound mod at my GSB [Enhance] Mod thread.

As for the asteroids, well… I am not sure, as he would have to code an evasion AI for the ships, and make weapons be blocked by them.