How are events selected?


I think I read somewhere that the way in which an event is selected is that all the calculations in the influences section are done, and then the one that ends up with the “highest score” is displayed. However, I do not have an event each turn. Is this because there is a certain threshold that no event is reaching, or is it because there is a random selection of whether there is to be an event, followed by a random selection of an event, or do events only come up in certain circumstances, or something else entirely? Can you clear this up for me please? Thanks.

Also, can you give some guidence on influences of events. Do you have any suggestions, when adding influences to a policy, of what sort of figure you normally try to get them to add up to/how you pick the numbers? Thanks.

The game only allows an event every 3 turns. It picks the highest scoring event and if that events value is greater than 0.7, it triggers. I have some debug options that let we look at a chart of all the events and their current value, I’ll include it as a togglable option in the next version. It makes balancing events much easier.


Thanks for the information. That would be a great option. It’s very hard balancing events by just guessing at figures.

Cliff, could you tell me how dilemmas are selected? I notice that you get one of these each turn - does that mean that there is no threshold? Also, I notice that the current dilemmas do not degrade themselves as events do (eg. events all have the following type of instruction: CreateGrudge(MediaBacklash,MediaBacklash,-0.800,0.800) that degrades their chance of arising again, at least for a period. How is this done with relation to dilemmas? What stops the same dilemma arising too soon after another? Is it the same as events in that the one with the highest value gets shown?

The highest scoring dilemma each turn, that has not been triggered before, and which has a value above 0.5 is chosen. So dilemmas cannot repeat (they don’t need the degrading grudge thing) and can happen every turn if triggered.

Hi, i am currently preparing a big mod and i have more specific question about events:

Can they have values higher than 1.0 (the modding tool shows 1.0 as maximum) and what happens when the sum of modifiers is higher than 1.0, does this have any effect in the game?

Also, what happens if several events have the value of 1.0 in the same turn, are then they selected completely randomly ? Can events with values lower than 1.0 appear sometimes even when some other have 1.0, or is this completely impossible ?

Thanks for the answer.


Events cannot go higher than 1.0, most values in the game cannot go higher, they just get capped at 1.0
If more than 1 event has 1.0, then the first one gets triggered, and they are evaluated in order of the spreadsheet. This is pretty poor, as really if they are all 1.0, it should pick randomly. I guess that’s another thing I could change :frowning: