How are those survival scores possible

I want to know how u can get to 900.000 points in sirvival i have now idea how this could works can u give me some tips? or is it hacked?

Modified content.

Well I placed using the original unnerfed empire shield support beams.
I got on once with tribe.


it’s mostly just people with very very fine-tuned fleets. Some people have attempted the survival missions a scary number of times.

is there no way to block modded content? i mean, i know you are only editing the local txt files, but is it not possible to see if they modded it at all?

Not really, because they could theoretically get around that, if they were really insistent on cheating the system. I won’t explain how, for obvious reasons, but it is possible if you are tech savvy.

well, that is disappointing to say the least…that the survival top scores are mostly spammed with cheated ships. This basically makes the high scores worthless. If there is no way for checking for cheaters, then I would prefer that you don’t only record the scores online. It would be nice for a person to also record their own local high scores.

You have an intriguing alternative there. Good catch.

I suck at Survival…so I rarely try.

Ok first off i had a real nice post here and then my internet burped casing it to dissappar, So let me sum it up, no wait its too long.

I have ran tests inculding using normal content, modded, and edited files aka cheating, And each time the game crashes around 500k to 600K in damage. I have also notices that the memory useage and page file usage climbs up untill one or both are full causing the crash. I have also noticed that with the effects on abd the weapons damage on hits casues the crashing much muich sooner.

So in short I think that Cliffski needs to fix this memory leak, aka memory that is not being released BEFORE any new content is released and suggest that he goes back and looks at the content of the main game itself without any DLC first to see if the code that is messed up is in there, and then look back though the DLC content.

IF I was more sure of my C++ or C# skills I myself would offer to help with the code fix. However that is a laungauge I only had at most 3 or 4 days while in Intella-tech’s programing class and i may have forgot most of it already. I dis do other programing like in q and power basic however and been told it is the same in ways.

Anyways I must run run run