How can I edit the "policies.csv" file?

I want to add new policies to the game, but I find it impossible!

Everytime I add new cells on excel to introduce a new policy to the spreadsheet (even keeping the same order of the “formulas”: I checked not to be missing a comma), when I try to save the file as a .csv again, MS Excel warns me that the document may now have characteristics incompatible with csv files.

What can I do? I’ve tried everything, but I’m just unable to modify anything in the file.

Any ideas? I really want to mod the game.

Try to use this Modding Tool

This tool can help you and it is easy to use.

The best way to add policies is actually not to ever touch that file (which will get over-written by patches anyway) but to add them as a mod in a totally different folder. There is information on how to do this here: