How can I stop weapons tracking?

Hi all,

I’m trying to code a cannon that does not track. I’m assuming that at the start of every battle each weapon faces forwards to the bow of the ship. I want a weapon to stay pointed that way, so in order to fire it, you have to point the ship’s bow at the target. (Star Blazers fans will guess where I’m going with this)

I’ve tried reducing the tracking rate to 0, but the weapon still turns.

Any ideas?

Sorry guy, but it near impossible…
There is a way to do something that look like limited firearc weapons, but it doesn’t depend of the weapon but of the hull. The MAJOR flaw of this technique is that the player CAN NOT edit this weapon (For example having the chose of the cannon if excluded…)
The second flaw is that it’s not a beginner technique.
But, if your really want to know, I can show you.

Sorry Jupiter, as mentioned in your Star Blazers thread, Unfortunately in GSB we can not make a spinal mount weapon :frowning:

As GATC has mentioned. The closest we have managed to make a sort of “limited arc” for a weapon. (in truth its more like a relocation of the area it can fire)

Exhibit A:

As you can see, this particular turret will only shoot at ships that are within the circle.
So in effect the turret has a limited firing arc.

I don’t know if this works, but what about setting tracking speed to 0.00? As far as I know tracking speed affects turn speed. It probably poses aiming issues, but it could work.

Long ago when i was trying to make a spinal weapon for the rebels I tried the Zero Tracking setup. What i ended up with was a turret that missed nearly every shot and would “snap” to the direction it would fire at. (Mainly due to the fact that tracking is mainly for determining how accurate the weapon is against moving targets)

But yes, limited turret arcs would be a cool feature for GSB 2 . . .

Tracking speed only represent the ability of the weapon to shoot things. The turn rate of the turret is proportional of this BUT the turret (when reload is finish) will instantly face it’s target…

Yes, that’s what happened to me too. Out of six test battles the weapon didn’t hit anything, making it pretty useless.

Great. PLease show me.

3rd module type perhaps? split them into turrets and stationary weaponry. (Splitting would make attacking better graphically in terms of position)

Good idea Tek - A new class of weapon “Spinal Mount Beam” and “Spinal Mount Bullet” . .
Wish we thought of it when Cliffski was working on the code :stuck_out_tongue:

Or even just simply weapon tubes. I recall a ship in a book which consisted primarily of a giant firing tube for its main weapon (railgun, I think.) The class could have higher damage power, at the cost of aiming. Something further along the spectrum from plasma, almost.

Indeed, but cliffski is always keeping his mind on a potential GSB 2.0 and any features for it…

well if were taking about weapon aiming, dose anyone agree with me that its a bit odd that a fighter can shoot perpendicular to its plane of travel and still score hits 5 time out of 10

Excellent - Tek’s idea, has been added to the Master Wish List.

For my own part, no – I neither agree nor am I bothered in the least by the phenomenon you mentioned. Same goes for our fighters being able to effortlessly fire anywhere in a 360-degree traverse. After all, this is Gratuitous Space Battles…implied realism isn’t even on the horizon here, let alone something to worry or fret about. :wink:

Back to the topic gentlemen - how is this area of fire achieved?


In more technical term:

Thank you GATC. That’s food for thought.