How do I assemble a set of modules?


I am building a set of expansion modules, and would like to distribute them and use them as a selectable expansion when submitting challenges. I have used the “installs” directory to reference the files, which are all in an expansion-like directory tree under the main GSB directory. The files show up fine in the game. However, when I try to submit a challenge, I do not get the option of listing my expansion as a required one. How do I do this?

look in the data/packages folder. that’s how you get the option, you have to make a .pkg file saying something like this:

name = gsb_expansionmodules
uiname = “Expansion Modules”

I’m not sure, but I think it must say gsb in the name before the actual name of the thing. Open it in notepad and save it as a .pkg file.

Thank you.