how do i create ships

how do i create ships plese tell me what to do

tsk tsk tsk look around before you post a ‘how-to’ question! Perhaps your answer can be found in GSB Modding 101? :stuck_out_tongue:

i can’t find out where i can make ships

At its most basic, you need to create a hull sprite (using whichever graphical editor you wish, people here use Gimp or Paint.NET) and a hull file. As Wasabi said, this is described in Modding 101. The very first item in fact.

i have drawn a hull on paint now what do i do

you read this.

thats what got me going…

Here’s a more clear but brief guide, as the one there is a little hard to decipher as its author pointed out (its how I do it):
1: Copy RabbitCruiser in data/bitmaps/ships into your own folder (example: Horse Cruiser) and rename to your ships name (example: Horse or .png on mac)
2: Open it up in your preferred image editing application and erase all of it.
3: Now find a picture of a ship from the top and paste into the picture. Hopefully you have found a larger picture which needs to be scaled down.
4: Erase all of the background around the ship. Center the image.
5: Save and exit, making sure that the sprite is 256x256
6: Copy RabbitCruiser.txt in data/hulls/extra and change the name to your ship (Example: Horse Cruiser.txt)
7: Open and change the sprite, damagetexture, and hulk to your ships name (example: Horse
8: Edit the rest of the text file (there are more guides on this) so that it is your hull, not Rabbit Cruiser hull.

Don’t mean to complicate things, but I never had luck copying the Rabbit Cruiser, so I used other hull files. It still works.

yeah, the rabbit hull is a bit buggy… i dont know why it is…

it doesnt even work with the ingame editor!

i mostly use federation ships as a base… but thats just me!

I just put rabbit cruiser as an example mostly because I don’t have to type all of the descriptions of where they are :stuck_out_tongue: (as DYL8000 is obviously a beginner, it might not be clear).


Which files? What program are you attempting to use? Can you normally open other files of the same type? Help us to help you.