how do i get the game back?

a few years ago i bought this game + the conquest campaing a vryus wiped my computer clean is there a way to resend the email that had the game download and dlc?

Yes, If you send an email back to whomever you purchased the game through, they should have your purchase on record and resend the download links.

For example: If you bought the game through BMTMicro, send an email to orders (at) bmtmicro (dot) com

i think it was my dads email…he deleted all his old mail : /

That is alright.
All you have to do is use the same email account.
They may ask some verification questions but they should be simple

so…who so i send the message to? i bought the game throw the website

Ok, if you bought the game through the website and it was a few years ago it would probably be BMT Micro.

You could also send an email to Cliff Harris, but given that he is rather busy with the Game Expo, it will be a while before he would see it (hence it will be faster emailing BMT Micro)

so…whats BMT Micros email?