How do I get the game on Steam if I already purchased the alpha? [UPDATE]

UPDATE: I checked my HumbleBundle account earlier today (10/7/2020), and it is now showing that I have a Steam key available to redeem. I would recommend that everyone checks to see if they received a Steam key as well!

ORIGINAL POST: I purchased the game in its alpha state, and received a download link via HumbleBundle. However, the game is now released on Steam, and I was wondering if there was a way that I could get it on Steam without having to pay for it twice. I do not see a Steam key on my Humble account that I can redeem.

Will alpha players receive a Steam key for the game? If so, when?


I can’t see mine either. I can see it in my Humble Bundle account Library but have no key for it.

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yeah I’m watching this post for that too

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Cliff has said on other threads that we will be given steam keys ASAP

Sounds like Steam has changed is processes re: complimentary key generation for developers.

I bought the game through I was able to get my Steam key from the link in the original mail from After registering that key in Steam, I was able to download Democracy 4 through Steam.

I’m also watching this for the steam key. I’m eager to write a review. I don’t understand why some are so negative.

I just went to humble bundle and found my steam key right on the download page where I usually get the newest update. I’ve redeemed it on steam and it’s now installing. I’m excited!


I can confirm I have my steam key now. Just had to wait a while! Check all your keys

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