How do i get the updated version???

I bought this game on Arcade town, and I love it!! However, I did notice some bugs. I read through the posting on the updated versions of the game, and it seems like all the problems have been fixed with the updates. How the heck do I download the updates??

Am I out of luck because I bought through Arcade Town?

My purchase receipt says BMT Micro, which is mentioned in several of the forums as the payment company for this game.

Cliff, please help me. How do I get an update? Please don’t tell me that I’m screwed since I went through Arcade Town…I love this game and want it to work properly. Thanks!

I have the same problem. I bought this game from iWin, not realizing it would have so many bugs (no music, no practice tones, food complaints, etc.). I didn’t know about this site until I went searching for bug fixes. After reading through the forums, I’m still not sure what I can do–do I have to pay double to get an up-to-date version with the new features? Yes, the game is great, but that doesn’t seem fair. (I buy a LOT of computer games, and I haven’t run into this problem before; usually all the game sites have the most recent upgrade.)

Considering the high replayability of this game, I was also surprised that the player avatars are so limited, especially for women (just three faces). I did download the new female avatars posted in the forum, and although they may be showing up for the other musicians, they aren’t showing up when I pick the avatar I want to play. I would also love more diverse avatars (these all look like honor students from lily-white suburbia). Specifically, I would like to play as a multiracial Jamaican street chick with dreads. You can whip that up, right?

Geez, now I sound like my whining band mates–nothing but complaints no matter what I do for them. So here’s a big compliment–I love the way you have made the config file so transparent, that’s a brilliant idea!

Thanks for a really cool game, and please let me know if there’s any way to get an update with the publicist, Moe’s, bug fixes, etc.

Can you forward your receipt from the game to cliff At positech dot co dot uk.