How do I implement new researched items?

Really confused about this. You research new items to unlock but still you cannot upgrade the station. After some time I started to think that maybe I need to develop the process and add another station related to this in my factory. But after doing this the sunroof were still not implemented. After developing power steering, sunroof ABS but not sure how to implement and finally my car is so outdated and prices erode that I cannot support the cost in factory.

Anyone willing to help out, seems to be an amazing game


The basic facilities, chassis assemble, body assemble, paint, and fit engine cannot fit any upgrades (aside from more robot arms). You need to research the relevant specialisations and build the new expanded slots to gain access to the new upgrade options.

I searched for this for HOURS yesterday.

Eventually I built the specialized stations in my line, and saw that I could ‘purchase’ the upgrades finally. I was really surprised this wasn’t in the tutorial, because selling cars with researched upgrades, but no forseeable way to implement them, was VERY frustrating!

Agreed. It’s a good game but working everything out is frustrating. It’s not obvious how or when you put stuff in a the chain to get the new items. So I have leather interior so I put it before accessories that also installs seats. But the cars won’t go to the fit seats station.

Hi, we do intend to make the dialog that pops up when you research an item MUCH better at explaining what you can now do, and what you can’t, and how to do it. This is near the top of our usability improvements wishlist right now. Sorry for the confusion.
Plus… in version 1.20 you still need to tell the car model to use the new upgrade. This is probably even more confusing, but again…we will be improving this part of the game a lot.

I can’t stand my voice, why do I sound so boring. Anyway, maybe of use for some as these are the types of videos I needed after trying to work out how to play when I first started.

Hopefully Cliff has no objections to these being posted?

Very basics of building a basic car

Very basics of breaking down a process into separate processes.