How do I play Galactic Conquest offline?

I’ve got Steam, but since I’m not always online, I use offline mode to play my games without being connected to the internet. But Galactic Conquest won’t let me do this. The game itself - not steam - complains it can’t get online when I click the GC button from the GSB menu. The rest of GSB works fine so far, but Galactic Conquest mode actually requires me to be online. Can I get round this? I know the web-page says the fleets are drawn from online fleets, but is there not a way to cache this? I’d like to see a patch that actually had the AI create enemy fleets.

To put it bluntly… you can’t play the campaign offline. I know… sux… don’t it? See this thread and make a post… at least you’ll bump it back up to the top again.

It hasn’t been added to since January. Frankly… I’m quite surprised more people haven’t requested this but no one seems to care. Months back when I bought the GC expansion I was on dial-up and it was very important to me… now I’m back on broadband after a two year hiatus and I guess it shouldn’t matter now… but it still does to me. I’m sorry I ever bought that expansion and the lack of response from the developer to address an issue that just seemed logical… has soured me even more now.

In fact… I haven’t even started up GSB since then, and now that I CAN play the campaign online… don’t care and have lost interest entirely.

Ironic in a way… since I’m NOT a MP type of person… the one element of the game that was made for single-player is inaccessible to some.