How do I play mods within iPad/iOS ?


3 weeks ago I got gratuitous space battles on my computer. I really liked the modding and tried out a lot of things but today I got it on my iPad and was really happy about it until I realized the mods do not work on there. I tried a lot of different mods and non of them worked -_- does somebody know how to fix this or were I can get some iPad mods ? By the way how to save the ship orders on ios ?

Welcome to Gratuitous Modding, blise518B!

You have not let us know which of these two scenarios actually describes your situation. This is an important distinction:

  1. Your computer is a Windows PC, and you tried to install the Windows version of several mods onto your iPad;
  2. Your computer is a Mac, and you tried to install the Mac OS X version of several mods onto your iPad.

Yes, some of the more memorable GSB mods exist in both a native Windows version and a version ported over to Mac OS X. Not everybody realizes this. Also, not all mod authors were able or willing to create multiple versions of their respective mods, which is where this other thread comes in - it takes you to a collection of GSB mods that were later given Mac compatibility by our modding community. :slight_smile: Not all mods were given that treatment, though.

If you’ve been trying to force your iPad to run the iOS version of the game alongside Windows-specific mod files, please stop. :slight_smile: I encourage you to download a few mods that have a Mac OS X version, and try to install them within your iPad copy of GSB. Regardless of whether it’s fail or win, please let us know how it goes for you. The amount of help we’re able to give you relies on how many (probably very few) Mac-knowledgable modders are still with us, as well as relying upon the quality of the feedback you give us.

Personally, I have no experience with the iOS version of GSB, so I truly do not know if it can handle OS X mods. I hope it can. I would like to think that that iPad GSB has no special requirements for mod compatibility. That version of the game was released at a late stage in GSB’s overall lifespan after the forum-active community here shrank to a small number of people, so if there are difficulties I haven’t heard any news about it.

thank you for your quick awnser
I tried to install windows mods so its the problem 1.
Do you know were I can get the Mac versions usually there are only the different downloads of the different versions. I can you sand me some links to Mac versions so I can try some out. I think I know why windows mods are not working when you go into data-> bitmaps-> ships there is something different. On windows there are several folders more, on iOS there is everything in the one file. I tried to just extract all the content of the folders from windows into the big iOS folder but that just ended with an error. Do You know if the Mac mods are structured different?

Sorry for the bad English I’m from Germany

Mac Friendly Mods [Gratuitous Mod Pack for Mac! (pg. 5)]

Yes, you are correct, While some Mac products can handle the Windows versions of GSB mods, the community has determined that to make a mod 100% compatible with iOS, you need to change the images from .dds to .png format.

In addition, as far as I am aware, you are the very first person to try GSB mods on the iPad - so you are in brave new waters :slight_smile:

Thats all right mate, I sometimes apologise for my English because I am Australian :slight_smile:

Thank you for your helpfull tips
I downloaded a Mac mod looked into bitmaps and saw even more folders than in Windows. I did not want to give up and
extracted all the files into the iOS one ( witch took me half an hour ) and started the game. I wondert why there was no error I designed a new ship and saw all the new ships!!! it worked!!! Modules, Races, hulls and all the other stuff except bitmaps are the same. You just have to put all the bitmaps files from Mac into the big one from iOS, that’s all.