How do I raise IQ ????


I need to have a higher IQ in order to get a new job. I am hopeless at the video game thingy as it’s hard to play on a laptop with no mouse.

Is there any other way to raise my IQ :question: I can’t seem to get above 35%



Some of the books can help, as can playing logic games like chess or sodoku. I believe going to the museum can help as well.

Reading the books (notably Sodoku) will work up to a certain IQ. You might also try hanging out with intelligent people.

You have different types of IQ (if you click on it, it’ll show you how they are divided up)

Sudokou raises logic, you can also play video games which will raise Problem solving

Thanks guys,

I bought a chess board and am using that, have managed to get IQ up to over 55% which is what I needed.

I now need to get it up to 75%!

I will try the sudoku books etc…

Thanks again,

Jo :smiley:

There is another option for your reasoning skill … if you buy the laptop computer, you can surf on the Political Debate website. G Hope that helps, too! Highest I’ve gotten an IQ so far is 94%.

Cryptics and Crossword worked for me!

and works much better than that damn console.