How do I see the exact setup of a challenge?

Hi, I’m trying to learn by, uh, copying the setup of various challenges, to see their orders and the detailed setup of the ships and all of that, but I don’t know how to access this sort of thing. How do I do this? Especially with the intended to be educational challenges, like some of the ones posted on this forum? I’ve downloaded them, and have tried to piece together what they were doing by intentionally fielding a fleet against them that’s meant to lose, but I don’t know what other tools exist that can help me learn… anyone have any ideas??

sry but AFAIK its not possible

i may be wrong tho

Scenarios are downloaded to “My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\web\challenges”, but it’s a binary format. Maybe someone could have a hack at it?

So it would require a hack to see what is going on?

…They don’t make learning this way easy!

For weapons, you can pause and zoom and see most of what the enemy is packing. For fighters, you can see what they are shooting, even if they don’t have turrets. For speed and orders, you can determine this by simply fighting the battle and watching.

To get everything in a .txt format might make it more precise, but it really isn’t any superior to testing and observation. And probably isn’t as good as a learning experience, not to mention the gratuitous nature of re-fighting the same battle until you get it right.