How do the numbers in the config file work?

I’ve seen people say put everything for degrade on 1.00 or 0.00 to min max them or something but I don’t understand. Is it possible someone could give me a tutorial of sorts?

It’s been a while but I think the number of degrade is the percentage to leave, e.g. if you have a skill at full 1.0 then having a degrade drops it to 0.98 if degrade is set to 0.98. If you have degrade set to 0.5 that means each day you will lose half of your skill. If you don’t ever want to lose skill just set it to 1.0 for all skills. If you NEVER want skills then set it to 0.

My skills.csv looks like this, so I lose 2% of every skill every day, meaning I have to use skills a bit to keep them full:


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