How do you add mods to your game!?

I have no idea how to add mods to my game (fullV1.50) Please help me. Also, how do you make mods and what programs do you need?

Adding mods is fairly easy (however if you have bought the game on steam, the difficulty increases slightly)

To install a mod you have to copy it into the Gratuitous Space Battles install directory (not the one in My Games).
Most modders have set up their files so its a matter of unzipping to that directory.

In regard to the “how to” of modding
There is much to read, but it gives you a good start

As for programs, I personally use:

  • Photoshop 7 for graphics
  • Notepad for editing the text files

However for graphics you can also use, Gimp and anthing else that can deal with .dds files

When did the 1.50 come out???

-I recommend u gimp instead of photoshop, free and same possibilites than the paying program (and easier to use).
-And instead the classic notepad, use Notepad++ for the text files.
Modding in GSB is easy, once u get the basics u will be improving your modding skills with the time.

Actually u dont need more apps than Notepad++ and gimp, thats all! All u need to know is on txt files.
Good luck.

something happened to my game so I have v1.46

What is gimp?

Im sorry but darkstar, can you expand on the part of the gratuitous space battles directory installer. Is it the shortcut or the program installer?


i wrote that few aeons ago,might help
its a guide on how to use Generic Mod Enabler,its basically a universal “dumb” mod manager,meaning it works as long as all you need is copying stuff around… which is the case with GSB

this is where i have my GSB located: C:/Program(86)/GSB
thats where i put mods.

im using a swedish version of windows 7, but i think it will be in a simmilar location

Neither acctually, due to the fact that i only had 5 minutes to type the reply, i missed a few words. Below is a more detailed explanation

If you have purchased GSB via direct download and install the game you will be asked to select a directory. In my case i have selected E:\Games\Gratuitous Space Battles
This is the main folder and contained In this directory is all the graphics, sounds, and workings of the game. It is also the directory where we place all the mods (more on that later)

When installing the game it also creates a directory \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles It is in this directory where all your campaign progress, ship designs, screenshots end up.

Installing mods:
9 times out of 10 a modder will zip up the mod so that you unzip it straight into your main \Gratuitous Space Battles\ folder. When installing a mod there are 2 locations you need to be aware of.

the install text file which is placed into \Gratuitous Space Battles\data\installs
and the mod data which is placed into \Gratuitous Space Battles\

So if you installed the unity mod you would see something like this
the file unit.txt located here:
\Gratuitous Space Battles\data\installs\unit.txt
and the \unit\ directory located here:
\Gratuitous Space Battles\unit\

Hopefully this clears things up a bit

GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.

Its just one of the many avaliable graphics programs you can use to make graphics for this game.
You can use any program really so long as you can save the file in a .dds format with an alpha channel

Well i need to add to the before explanation that gimp is FREE and it has the same functionallity as photoshop.

theal, just download any mod around there and see how it is the dir structure and the files /folders u need. Then u will need to make a little study of the purpose of every file, but almost everything is described in the link that darkstar posted.

Thanks guys! Can you make a mod of ww2? It would be cool if you did. The other person who is making it is taking to long.

Oh yeah, I fixed my game so now I have v 1.50 full.

how do you add rar files? please explain throughoutly.
seriously,everything like that has tutorials all over it

and ill add my universal answer,which i tell to everyone,not just you (my sister hates me for it)
if you dont know what it does,try it… worst case you`ll break the system and spend a day reinstalling… hardly ever happens anyway

Can someone please give me a real answer or a good keyword for google?

Can you expand upon that odd question, please? More detail is needed in order to know what you’re really thinking of. GSB neither uses nor requires any files in .rar format, hence my counter-question to you.

i cant understand his question either. Maybe he means to make a .RAR file? but as Archduke said, u dont need compressed files in GSB… wat u mean exactly??

Theal - Here is an answer to one possible interpretation of your question:
.rar files are a type of compressed file and can be extracted through a number of methods. The easiest of which is the Winrar program located here:
If you are using windows XP i recomend searching for “WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 3.93” and downloading / installing the program

Once the program is installed you can then use it to extract the .rar file into your Gratuitous Space Battles Game Directory, the same way you would extract mods that use zip files - For futher details on where to extract the file, follow linky.

I figured it out before whenI was looking for how to add rar files. I am using winrar for it. Thanks though!

would it kill somebody to make a youtube video about how to create mods or the basics it would take like 10 15 mins