How do you add mods to your game!?

would it kill somebody to make a youtube video about how to create mods or the basics it would take like 10 15 mins

Welcome! Have you read this sticky at the top of this forum yet? If not, don’t expect much in the way of freebies or hand-holding. That modding guide contains what you would call “the basics,” and a good deal more. Feel free to ask us specific questions or even some general ones, but we’ve already written a virtual encyclopedia for noobs. Individual modders (Darkstar076 first among them) have repeatedly written how-to’s for people who can’t bother to use the excellent Search feature on this website. I doubt you’re getting a video.

Lightspeed summary of making a modded ship: Get inspiration. Get enough originality to avoid either a “meh” ordinary ship or an absurdly overpowered or already-copied-many-times-before ship. Get interesting graphics in .dds format for your ship. Mock-up damaged and destroyed versions, too. Create stats for the ship and save it in a plain ole .txt file. Put the textfile in the correct folder, put the ship graphics in their correct folder, boot the game, and have fun loading and fighting your ship across the galaxy.

Lightspeed summary of making a modded weapon or other ship module: Get inspiration. Scribble down some ideas. Search this forum via keywords that might show you a hundred earlier attempts to create what you’re attempting now. If idea is impossible or impractical, go back to beginning and start again; if not, continue. Open any of the game’s module or weapon textfiles to see the required syntax to let the game understand it. Make a new textfile with all of your cool ideas and save it to the correct folder, boot the game, and you’re ready to use your new gadget or gun.

Review the topics covered in the “Modding 101” guide and feel free to come back to us with questions about things you don’t understand. :wink: