How do you deal with Skill Shortage?

I’m playing American campaign at 150% difficulty.
I can’t see a way to get rid of Skill Shortage.

Anything i do only affects it by very very little. Tried to up immigration (minimal border control and minimal citizen test) and down tecnology a bit while boosting funds to education, and the indicator barely move after several turns.

Any tips?

The “University Grants” policy in Public Services, directly counters skills shortage.

Adult education subsidies are very effective against it too, and in America will usually deal with the problem all by themselves.


I find that pretty easy to get rid off, my tactic is usually to fund adult education, libraries and other low cost education. Then defund the military by around 100 billion and throw that into schools and university grants.

University grants maxed out worked as a charm, thanks.
I was playing in America scenario but it didn’t solved just by educating, i guess it’s because i’m playing at 150%.