How do you end debt crisis of Japan?

Hi everyone. I am trying to play Japan, but I can’t answer the question: how do you fix the debt crisis? I couldn’t seem to find any way to actually effectively finish the debt crisis. Did anyone manage to do it? How so?

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Some bloke managed to do it in a much older post, but I don’t know how, but it was in one of the posts about having reserves has no benefits. You could ask that fellow. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I could not find the post. Can you send me the URL of the topic please? :slight_smile:

To be honest, I can’t find it either, it’s probably buried under mountains of posts, the closest I could find to that post is this:

You can try other search terms like (or some variation):

  1. Japan Reserve
  2. Japan Debt
  3. Japan Surplus
  4. Zero Debt
  5. Debt Free
  6. No benefit of Reserves
  7. Interest on reserves
  8. Sovereign Wealth Fund


Hope this helps, I know it’s pretty vague.

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After winning as Japan I just may say that you don’t solve the debt crisis as first, you just manage the rest of issues and win in votes despite being in a debt crisis, and once you are popular enough you increase taxes to make a surplus and wait.


Maybe his goal is to tackle the debt crisis first?

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well, increasing taxes will cause evasion in the end, which will cause more debt :laughing: I just wish to end it as soon as possible, whatever the turn is.

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You should be able to raise Income Tax rate up to 70~72% if you have both Unexplained Wealth Order & Public Tax Return at max slider, provided there aren’t any inefficient taxes that can cause tax evasion such as Corporate Tax or Capital Gains Tax (you can still have them at low rates though). Payroll Tax & Sales Tax will also be helpful.

With brutal taxation, you also need to address the economy. Consider solving Uncompetitive Economy with Import Tariffs and Corporate Exodus with Tax Haven. You don’t need to run tax haven policy indefinitely since Technological Advantage will reduce the exodus situation if you can trigger it. You may be required to amend Labour Law to more pro-employer side, too.

Then you should cut public spending as early as possible. Military Spending, State Pension, State Healthcare, State Schools, and Social Care maybe. Cutting these spending is relatively okay.

You will now have high tax & low benefits, which can lead to low approval. At this point, you should reshuffle your cabinet and fill the government with popular figures - candidates with high campaigning stat. This will greatly help you win votes with minimal costs. Just try to have Tax & Economy ministers with relatively high experience & effectiveness. Since the first election is typically the most difficult one to win, don’t hesitate to use anything in your hand - even making empty election pledges.

PS. I’m not a real-world bad politician lol


You can have a income tax in the range of 70-70% with sales tax in the order of 25%, corporate tax in the order of 25%, capital gains tax at 30%, property tax at 35% and inheritance tax at 55% without problems of tax evasion as long as you have maxed out Unexplained Wealth Order & Public Tax Return. Also, banning cryptocurrency may also be your friend.

On the economy side is more difficult than other countries since you can’t just deflate wages pushing for immigration, so I may push for some tech to create the tecnological advance, impose tarifs to get rid of the Uncompetitive Economy and max Adult Education Subsidies and Universty Grants to end the Skills Shortage.

Printing money can help too, the boost of gdp can increase tax revenue while the moderate amounts of inflation help you ending the debt crisis.