How do you know what type the enemy ships are?

Wow… been a while… my last post was Jul 06 2010!! The new steam sale I picked up the missing DLC and a copy of complete for a few of my mates… anyway… during relearning this game I found a problem … probably only one beginners have… … .

In GSB, you have all those cool orders you can experiment with… but they use ship types like, cruiser or w/e… but mousing over the ships on the enemy side give no popup… same with during the battle… you mouse over and you only get the (admittedly funny) taunt.

How do you know what type of ship is what in the enemy side? How can i get info on the enemy ships?

There are 3 ship types: Fighter (ft), Frigate (fr) and Cruiser (cr)

  1. Size!
    Fighters are the very very small ones. They often come in squads of 16.
    Frigates are often only half as big as Cruisers. (Not applicable to The Empire, they have very big Frigates)

  2. During the battle, on the minimap down left, you have little blue (and white) squares. Small squares are Fighters OR Frigates. Big squares are Cruisers.

  3. When you have unlocked the other races, play as them! Once you have designed a few ships, you will easily recognize them in game (and later you will even recognize the shape on the deployment screen).

I hope this helps a little bit.

You can find info about the weapons used against you in the summary statistics after game. On the right side of the screen you’ll see the weapons and ships used against you.