How Do You Reduce Complacency?

I am still chasing the Popular Leader achievement and I have noticed that complacency is very bad in some voter groups such as the poor and state employees. I have waited 5 full terms and complacency has not reduced at all in any voter group. I am playing the UK with default terms. Is there any way to reduce complacency?

I worked out how to reduce complacency, just make that voter group less happy. Did not help me get the achievement!

to be sure , in all of these cases there are factors other than complacency at play. however , it is equally true that at least part of the reason for the above results is the insidious, sometimes undetected or underappreciated , factors called complacency. the good news is that complacency often comes after some success. the bad news is that it can spread quickly and reduce future success significantly.

No se que pensar de la complacencia