How easily you will be able to change Kudos: Rock Legend

One thing I am making easy to change in KRL, is all those little variables that affect game balance, difficulty etc. So you will not have to pester me to tweak the frequency of stuff, or to make certain things more profitable etc etc. Instead of the fairly cryptic nature of the Kudos config files, the new one looks like this:

[code]//what fraction of normal merchandise sales you achieve at a charity gig

//number of ‘free’ songs you start the game with

//beyond this level of tiredness, musicians will not contribute anything to PR events,

etc. Plus, there are tons more numbers to tweak in the config file than kudos had. There are currently 435 lines in the file, and probably at least 120 variables to fiddle with, every one of which is commented.

great! I thought the config file was quite straight forward.

Yes, this makes me happy. I like to tweak the game for my own tastes and prefer easily understandable things instead of mysterious codes that are undocumented.

Modding the demo doesn’t seem to hard, just getting the hang of exactly what the variable do (well, how much they affect the game, like how much of a difference will a .75 do as opposed to a .50 etc…).

Very simple to modify. I’m not sure if I’ll buy it, but I am leaning towards it.

Can someone explain to me how you’d go about modding in general?
I’m one here who doesn’t even know where to find the files to edit.

Hi Brandy, if you look at the files for the game using windows explorer, you will find a directory called ‘data’. Inside that directory (or ‘folder’) is a file called config.txt. If you double click it, it will open in notepad (by default). It’s just a bunch of text, but this controls a lot of the game. Each number in there has a line above it describing what it does. example:

//number of 'free' songs you start the game with RS_INITIAL_SONGS = 3

you can just edit that to read

//number of 'free' songs you start the game with RS_INITIAL_SONGS = 4

and then new games will start with 4 cover versions and not 3. You need to restart the game if it is already running though.
The only warning is, you should backup the files first (or keep the setup program somewhere). Although the game shouldnt crash no matter what you change, you can seriously unbalance the game if you fiddle too much, which might make it impossible (or just not any fun :smiley:).

Thank you greatly!

Now to see what I’ve done. :slight_smile:

I second that, and third, and fourth… :slight_smile:

I edited it to a no-fail situation mainly to see how the game handles with extremely quick progress and it does pretty well.

Downloading the latest version to put on my (new) computer and see how it goes on this machine. (Don’t worry, it’s uninstalled on the old PC now).

Can anyone come up with some ideas on tweaking?
I mean what can I do to improve the gaming experience?
I think sharing ideas is more effective, than testing all the tweaks by yourself. :slight_smile:

I discovered that it made the game a lot easier if i increased the amount of recovery from tiredness the band members got after taking a day off after a gig. But, be warned, ramping this up too high is game-breaking as it will make things a lot easier to progress if you do that.

Another option is to meddle about a bit with the settings for how long the band take to get disillusioned with the whole band business and start moaning about quitting no matter how well you are doing. I find that every game this always happens to me and I can’t seem to find a way round it. However, I strongly suspect that it’s down to the fact that I rehearse a lot but don’t play enough on the practice game where you match up the notes. The band seem to think they’re all about hype and lacking ability - which is actually true as their music playing ability is rated around 35-40 despite their success.

I wouldn’t recommend messing about with any money settings as you’d have nothing to aim for apart from a record deal if you had the cash to buy everything that’s up for offer.

And finally there is also a few lines in one of the config files which has several cheat settings all set to =0. You can modify these to =1 to enable all the stage settings so you can see what it looks like with a real band performance with lasers and the like. It doesn’t actually grant you all the expensive gear in the game though so the band will still be complaining that their show sucks unless you do earn the cash to buy them anyway.

Thanks for the ideas.
I support the thing about tiredness - having three turns for rest after each gig seems too much.
BTW, why is the effect of doing nothing more efficient, than doing nothing, while frontman listens to music?

Where can I tweak the degrade of your musicianship ??
Can’t seem to find it :blush: .

Other then that I have tweaked the rate that you recover when you rest. Now it’s around 2 days which is a bit better.
Also removed the starting songs so that you start from scratch.
Increased the amount of money you get each day since 1 pound each day is a bit too low.
Also increased the chance of a guy from a record company would be at the gig however the chance of you getting a record deal is the same.

Now I just need to find the degrade rate of your musicianship.

I am currently trying to modify the melodies you play in the musicianship game. I have tried editing the melodies.txt file with both notepad and wordpad but it won’t allow me to save the updated file. Error message as follows.

Cannot create the C:\Program Files\Rock Legend\data\practice\melodies.txt file.
Make sure the path and file name are correct.

Anyone know what the problem might be. I am running Windows Vista and do have administrator access.

And should the Rock Legend directory be Read-Only. When i untick the box and apply the change as soon as i go back into the properties menu again its back to Read-Only again. Could this be causing the editing problem and does anyone know how to fix it?

Try looking for this value…


If you put it at one it shouldn’t degrade.

And the bandmembers ?? :stuck_out_tongue:
I just think that if you are playing gigs alot then there is no reason for your skill or the band to decrease since well we are playing all the time.

RS_ABILITY_DEGRADE is for the band members.

Changing it seems to crash the game on mine. Crashes to the desktop every time I try to practice with the modified file.

I am having the exact same problem. (Windows Vista too.)

Yeah … go back to XP :unamused: :open_mouth:

Just a quick check, are you modding the melodies file with notepad or Word? If you use Word, it could be altering the file.