How Long before a 40K mod?

I see this would be great to recreate a version(parody) of the Imperial Force from Warhammer 40,000! I stink in modding, anyone up to the challenge???

Terra System Control
Slider; Nobel Autonomous Systems, Terra Governor Controlled Systems

Imperial Navy Spending

Colonial Expansion Finalization

Planetary Defense Budget

Aid to Adeptus Mechanicus

We are losing worlds
Trigger: When “Planetary Defense Budget”, “Colonial Expansion Finalization”, “Imperial Navy Spending” is low.
Effect: “The Imperial Galactic Economy” (aka GDP)

EDIT: Did i mention on it? :stuck_out_tongue: No serious but it would be cool. I may help. :stuck_out_tongue:

i will get on it after i finish fixing the bugs in my Russia mod :slight_smile:

Tell me if you need some inspirational and/or some help overall. ^^

If i may, i would like to use some of the policies that you have listed there. However since this would be a total conversion it may take a while maybe a half month

I will also try to do a complete ui redo but no promises… yet

Yeah figured cause the mod directory would probably not support all the changes.

A suggestion, is to have Terra and one or two random colonies. Meaning also that Terra will have Terra unique policies. And colonies will have to deal with PDF etc.

Small and large scale :slight_smile:

(yes your allowed to use them ^^)

I can go ahead and mod it. Just tell me what influences what (demographics, statistics…) in your ideas :slight_smile:

I have already started it and have been slowly working on it, speed will pick up after i release v2.0 of my russia mod which should come out within a day or so

actually i just realized that i will not have the time to dedicate to this, anyone who wants to pick it up feel free. I have other things that i want to work on for the game and sadly, i dont think it will turn out good if i do it

Aoo that’s bad :frowning:

Well first of is how to make the population classes to match the Warhammer 40K setting and system, and deside the scale of the game.
My in my opinion of the game scale should be small, one planetfocus on a Hive World BUT later on make it possible to play as the might Terra and allow the player to manage the whole Imperium on a more global scale. Giving the Terra mission a more global game play.
But at firs make it simple one Hive World with only local policies.

Then the classes I’ve been sketching on some of them.

#Socialist, #Capitalist, #Retired,Old Population #Commuter,Workers #Patriot,Patriot #Motorist, #Liberal, #Religious,Religious #TradeUnionist, #SelfEmployed,Merchants #Environmentalist, #Wealthy,Nobles #Poor,Poor #MiddleIncome,Middle Income #Parents,Parents #Farmers,Farmers #StateEmployees,Military #Conservatives, #Young,Youth #EthnicMinorities,Other Races #_All_,Everyone

And final:
And how should the election system be handled?
One side be Imperil and the other Chaos or is it possible to get it turned off some how.

EDIT: Hive World to use maybe Armageddon.

EDIT2: Changed: Wealthy,Nobles

Been playing along with the main menu backdrop and even the menu, was not able to make the graphic work for the menu cause i’m bad on the DDS format… Can’t make it transparent… But here is the backdrop:
warhammer40k-ui_mainmenu_backdrop.jpg (2.12mb) 2048x2048

As or now I don’t think you can override the voter groups, nor add new ones. Need to ask Cliff about that.

It works fine just changing the name leaving the “classname”? in the “\data\simulation\votertypes.csv” file.
This is a total conversion not a mod using a directory.

EDIT clerify

Been sketching some more:

#Socialist, #Capitalist,Local Nobility #Retired,Old Population #Commuter,Commoners #Patriot,Patriot #Motorist, #Liberal, #Religious,Religious #TradeUnionist, #SelfEmployed,Business Owners #Environmentalist, #Wealthy,Fudal lords #Poor,Poor #MiddleIncome,Middle Income #Parents,Parents #Farmers,Farmers #StateEmployees,Military #Conservatives, #Young,Youth #EthnicMinorities,Other Races #_All_,Everyone

Been sketching on some policies more work are definitely required.:

#,PDADraft,PDA Draft,default,"The Planetary Defense Force or PDA is the backbone of the defense of the planet. They make up of millions of men. All willing (near majority forced) to serve the emperor form the dangers of the space.",flags,introduce,cancel,raise,lower,department,mincost,maxcost,cost multiplier,implementation,minincome,maxincome,incomemultiplier,,,,,,,,,,,, #,PDATraining,PDA Training,default,"The Training of the Planetary Defense force are important to make them prepared for the dangers that lurk from beyond space and the warp.",flags,introduce,cancel,raise,lower,department,mincost,maxcost,cost multiplier,implementation,minincome,maxincome,incomemultiplier,,,,,,,,,,,, #,InquisitionSupport,Inquisition Support,supportinquisition,"The Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition, more commonly known as the Inquisition, are the powerful secret police of the Imperium responsible for guarding the souls of humanity. The purpose of the Inquisition is to identify and destroy the myriad of potential threats to the Imperium and humanity. By giving them support you help them in there task of clering out mutants and herretics.",flags,introduce,cancel,raise,lower,department,mincost,maxcost,cost multiplier,implementation,minincome,maxincome,incomemultiplier,,,,,,,,,,,, #,SpaceMarineChapterSupport,Adeptus Astartes Support,support,"Adeptus Astartes or the Space Marine are the most elite and feared fighting forces of the Imperium. The primary unit of organization is the Chapter, a self-contained army fully equipped with its own transport, non-combatant support staff, etc. There are around a thousand Chapters, each comprising a thousand Space Marines. And here we can offer our support and found our own chapter.",flags,introduce,cancel,raise,lower,department,mincost,maxcost,cost multiplier,implementation,minincome,maxincome,incomemultiplier,,,,,,,,,,,, #,AdeptsMechanicsSupport,Adepts Mechanics Support,support,"",flags,introduce,cancel,raise,lower,department,mincost,maxcost,cost multiplier,implementation,minincome,maxincome,incomemultiplier,,,,,,,,,,,, #,WeaponImport,Weapon Import,default,"",flags,introduce,cancel,raise,lower,department,mincost,maxcost,cost multiplier,implementation,minincome,maxincome,incomemultiplier,,,,,,,,,,,, #,WeaponManufacture,Weapon Manufacture,default,"",flags,introduce,cancel,raise,lower,department,mincost,maxcost,cost multiplier,implementation,minincome,maxincome,incomemultiplier,,,,,,,,,,,, #,VoluntaryImperialSupport,Voluntary Imperial Support,support,"",flags,introduce,cancel,raise,lower,department,mincost,maxcost,cost multiplier,implementation,minincome,maxincome,incomemultiplier,,,,,,,,,,,, #,TechnologyResearch,Technology Research,default,"",flags,introduce,cancel,raise,lower,department,mincost,maxcost,cost multiplier,implementation,minincome,maxincome,incomemultiplier,,,,,,,,,,,, #,CultvsCult,Imperial Cult vs Cult Mechanicus,default,"",flags,introduce,cancel,raise,lower,department,mincost,maxcost,cost multiplier,implementation,minincome,maxincome,incomemultiplier,,,,,,,,,,,,



Sounds nice (though looks very unorginized with the tags and all, just describe it in words, no need to do it with code). Give me the effects and I’ll make the icons and I’ll shove it in. I hope soon.

hey coldevil, your background is a bit off center

Still working on the background :slight_smile:

Ok I will try to get some kind of organisation (with words :slight_smile: ) on how it could work.
I only need to get the votergroup in order to know exact how the effects will work etc. I’ll come back when I get that in working order. Cause having socialists or liberals in the imperium only end in mass executions.

maybe that should happen eventually, lol