How Long Should It Take


uhh, yeah, so basically i bought the game yesterday and have been waiting for the e-mail ever since, i am begining to worry about it, i thought i read somewhere that with certain e-mail sites it might take long, and sadly i am using one of those sites

so im guessing this is just a waiting game but part of me thinksthat maybe i entered the e-mail address wrong, twice

i played the demo and was instantly in love, this game is really awesome :smiley: :smiley:

can anyone give me any idea what might be up, im using Msn Hotmail, yeah i know, not such a good choice

Check your spam filter or folder?

I got your order yesterday, so you should certainly have the email by now. I’ll trigger a resend, but watch out for spam filters grabbing it. If it still doesn’t show up, email me at cliff At positech… and I’ll sort it out.

Ahhhhhh…haha there it is thanks a bunch cliffski

i did check the junk folder many times, i even changed the settings for it, anyhoo

cheers :slight_smile:

I am also currently having this problem. Not quite as long as his, but I made the purchase about 4 hours ago.

It can take ages depending on the email you use. I ordered Democracy and Kudos on Sunday at about two o’clock in the afternoon and got the link emails about ten hours later.

As long as that ? !

A while back I odered Kudos, got the email and d/l within 30 mins :laughing:

Same time frame with KRL :smiley:

Can’t recall what day of the week thay were tho ! :open_mouth:

Just checked, Kudos on a Tuesday. early March and KRL on a Wednesday at 22:56, end of May :open_mouth: